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Down to Earth

Ngozi Naturals is a conservation enterprise that amplifies the benefits of indigenous plants by manufacturing different handmade natural soaps. Our moisturizing organic natural soap recipes are meticulously developed to produce mild, skin-nourishing soaps that offer magnificent, long-lasting lather that leaves your skin feeling clean, soft, and radiantly healthy. Our natural handmade soaps are made with organic oils, plant butters, pure essential oils, herbs, spices, and organic clays.

Our Impact in 2021

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Trees to be Given
To inculcate a sense of familiarity with surrounding biodiversity and its conservation, especially with indigenous plants. We are giving 2000+ trees. If interested in growing a tree, Fill the form
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Handmade Soaps

We have grown to manufacture 100 bars of natural handmade soaps per week for four distinct skin types, producing six different shapes and sizes. 30% of the profits made go into conservation activities that protect, preserve and improve the environment.

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Herbs Planted
Through building a community of partnership, and a close relationship with our customers. We encourage and promote herbal gardens in homes and provide our customers with herbal plants to grow. If you would like a medicinal plant in your home, Fill the form
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Environmental Activities
Through partnerships with different youth-led conservation organizations, we have organized five environmental activities that target youth. Follow us on Twitter to .  learn more
Hello Ngozi Naturals, My mum wants to keep most of the soaps, She loves the smell so much and she says it smells like clean.
Ms Anna
Thursday, August 01, 2021
The soap is great, it leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and glowly. I am loving it.
Ms Stacy Murenzi
Friday, June 31, 2021
In one week, I can see the changes on my skin, Uduheri turigushira, Here waiting to be umuzungu. LOL
Ms. Umutoni K
Sunday, July 31, 2021
I love Ngozi Naturals soaps, the Karisimbi bar leaves my skin moisturized.
Mr. Rwibusto Ivan
ThSunday, July 01, 2021
I love the packaging, It's simple, ntago ifite alot of info. it looks luxurious, wagirango nishyuye in dollars maze! LOL
Ms Mugisha Gloria
Thursday, August 31, 2017
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